I’ll start with a story: After finishing the ABSA Cape EPIC (an 8-day MTB Stage race which covered 722km) I met two type 1 diabetics at the finish, their names elude me now but they had no idea that a diabetic could even consider doing the EPIC. They are both active people and both mountain bike, but haven’t even considered doing what is the world’s most prestigious mountain bike race! Even though it was on their doorstep!!!

So, I thought I’d try to inspire people with diabetes to do what they wouldn’t think was possible. To do more than a “normal” person would think not possible, and become a person whose disease won’t carry a “handicap” and just be a person living without boundaries.

I guess I should introduce myself, My Name is Darol Howes and I am a type 1 insulin dependent diabetic. I use an insulin pump most of the time and link a CGM (continuous Blood glucose monitor) for when sh&* gets hectic…. I’m South African living and studying in Cape Town. (Studying is a metaphor for going to lectures and planning the next mission….. don’t tell my sponsor… 😉 )

Here is the deal: I’ll post whatever I do, all the adventures, races etc. divulge as much advice as I can and hopefully give the Inspiration. (Feel free to post your experience and advice)

Just don’t let Diabetes limit you!